Add a new channel to your business

You are an expert in your field. You want to monetize your content in a new channel. Then Yeap is the next step for you. Just register, create a habit programme and let users subscribe to it.

Yeap is a place for content creators.

Create habit programs

Use your content to create great programs.

Connect your content to a habit program

Your content will be distributed to the right target group and in the best moment

Sell feedback

Create motivational message as a product

Share your stories to motivate other people

Get paid for it

Communicate with your target group in a new way

Send motivation and info nuggets

Define when these should be shown to your audience

Get feedback about your impact

Amplify your audience

Reach new target groups

Increase your cross-selling

Create a new stream of income

Sell your programs on Yeap!

Join our content creators and help others being better.