Say Yeap to your goals

Reach your goals in a new, effective, entertaining way. Let you be motivated by the world. You will receive exciting feedback if you keep following your habits. Now you can reduce your weight, become more fit, more relaxed and more successful in a completely new way.


Reach your Goals

Variety of goals to chose from

From losing weight, to being more fit and powerful in life, to being a better father and an awesome partner – Yeap will help you reach each goal

Subscribe to programs

Our vetted programs created from experts and coaches will help you to reach your goals

Create your own goal

Can't find the right program? Create your own and the Yeap App will help you to stay on track


Track your habits

Track your habits and you have all information available within a glance to steer and adapt course

Review your journey

Add optional entries and keep track of everything


Receive feedback

The right feedback in the right moment helps you to achieve your goals. One step after the other

From friends and family

Feedback from your close ones has more impact. The Yeap App makes it easy.

Support from celebrities

Have your favorite celebrities help you along the way