Yeap - a mobile life coach

Say Yeap to a Happy Life

Yeap is a mobile app that tracks your goals and your habits. And: gives you open and smart feedback according to your progress and your discipline. Open means that the whole world can motivate you. Smart means that ... hmm.. try it out ;-)

A Marketplace for Habits

Yeap is a marketplace for habits. Learn from the best, adapt to their rules and reach your goals in a new way. Regardless if you want to loose weight, get better at dating, becoming a better parent... the sky is the limit

Become the person you always wanted to become

All progress depends on feedback, are you on the right track or not. Yeap will measure your progress and your discipline and compute the right feedback for you based on your track record, the current situation and your ambitions. Get ready to rumble and register as test user.

Experts & Action Books

Yeap is a marketplace where experts and book authors can fill all their actionable advice into an exciting app. By this the users of Yeap can select from a variety of programs. The experts get a new channel to market and monetize their knowledge. Everybody wins.

Feedback is all you need

The magic ingredient of Yeap is Feedback. Feedback from the world, for you, in the right moment and in the right style and tone. So we flip the game: The world will help you reaching your goals. Because Yeap will present you their gifts, information, messages when it really fits your goals.

Ready to reach your goals in a completely new way?
We will launch our app in the coming weeks.

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